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I recently found this tiny hole in the wall tackle store and every time that I visit it, I discover new lures that I would never imagine finding.  I took some pictures today and am wondering if any of these have any value to them or if they are rare at all.  I know a couple are discontinued.  By the way, the shop had a ton of mambo minnows.  I feel like I have heard some people talk about them.  Are they hard to find usually?6B690295-8A63-4529-8F19-25B6D530620E.jpeg.e3f897554b955b0361f80dbbf469e605.jpeg45E9DE5F-A52A-4574-81BB-CBC0475EC7B2.jpeg.e8979ade02265bfa89757ab2c6603410.jpeg857D08A1-1B4C-4B75-8FF2-B8A01AC618F2.jpeg.16c5bd1b6108242e8f2ce40cfe211797.jpeg092184B5-967D-4886-A25B-855285DE2636.jpeg.af1bdd7a25d7fd341690819bb9ce3002.jpegD2363808-A343-4E74-B5E6-F2DA156803B2.jpeg.2cf87d7ec70e6c23e13ce928cb2a802c.jpegA236EEC4-314C-4703-B021-62F9CD011C14.jpeg.59711774f3d3c53dc18b5eda6dc924b6.jpeg644EEC03-10B5-4BAD-B2D2-1BC5D0E4FCDA.jpeg.3c5c9b3d0c4b58ef394138a6b6c5b759.jpeg276C5E6E-4A1D-4908-BFED-17887EF80DCE.jpeg.370ba98bcfdb3a638cff3f335885469a.jpeg00BAFCE7-9A9E-462B-B1E0-25DD073E24DD.jpeg.0db098912c044241fd5123cfbb27eb95.jpeg1051338D-44EE-448A-BB97-B76738168017.jpeg.54eee686f3cfdd10b56aea67ec07371d.jpeg38152D5A-98F0-4983-8956-5D8CDAE3629F.jpeg.0ab71bcaa953ab3f5fe22f3b862f307a.jpeg

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