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On 10/11/2019 at 1:45 PM, Goldy said:

One of best plugs made

Any situations you wouldnt throw it in? Sometimes in inlets I feel like I cant get it to swim!

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4 hours ago, jackson515 said:

Depends on what you're targeting. I'm assuming you mean bass and blues. In south jersey, I mainly use jigs and bucktails with plastics. obviously if they are blitzing, ill use topwater and bigger stuff. SP minnows and other jerkbaits can be money too, especially with blues around. I love metals such as epoxies, diamonds and other lead minnows for blues and pelagics. my surf bag is pretty simple. i got a plug box with lots of jerkbaits and topwaters (spooks and poppers), i have a jig box with jigs and bucktails (checkout broadsteet bucktails on insta for fire jigs), and i have my metal box. i also have my plastic pouch which has mainly white and pink zoom super flukes along with some swimbaits, other fluke style baits, and some gulp. i try to carry a large variety of gear but i tend to fish light stuff in south jersey

There Wonderbread looks crazy!

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8 mins ago, jackson515 said:

yessir! i prefer to use natural colors myself, but it is pretty wild!

Yea,I wouldnt use it but I've never seen one that crazy.I didnt see any Smiling Bill's but I might have to grab a couple of the smaller ones for Crappie fishing,Thanks!

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