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Hello everyone. I currently have a fishing kayak that I fish off of N.J. with. Currently I fish for mostly stripers and blues out of it. The max distance i really feel comfortable going out in it is three miles. I was considering purchasing a small boat. If I could increase my range to say 5 7 or 10 miles would there be any new species I could really target. Anything is really on the table. I don't want to consider boat size at this point. I.E. if I could target mako or tuna within that range please suggest it. Thank you any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I would say tuna would be a total crap shoot, but buying a boat that gets you out to 5-10 miles can definitely open you to more opportunities. Up and down the Jersey Shore, there are multiple reefs, wrecks, and areas between that 2-6 mile range where blues, stripers, fluke, sea bass, blackfish, triggerfish, cod, ling, bonito, spanish macks, albies, thresher sharks, cobia, and mahi-mahi can be caught. The mahi's and cobia are obviously very dependent on conditions, but many of us have caught chicken dolphin on inshore lobster pots, for example. The NJ cobia bite this summer was largely in this 1-10 mile range. Many other sharks can be found "inshore" if you are looking for big game.


You could get lucky and find an inshore bluefin or inshore mako, but generally speaking there are offshore pieces in the 15-25 mile range where those fish could more easily be found.

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