Naples FL report oct. 7th.

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Another day and totally different conditions. It was cloudy and muggy in the morning when I went for breakfast.

At the beach there was a light chop with more or less clean water.

First fish was off course a lizardfish, they are everywhere. Fished the drainage pipes on the way to the pass and caught some small ladyfish. Spotted snook and redfish at one of the rockpiles and had a red on for a few moments, the hook came out though. The last section of the beach had some snook but only two of them took a short look of the fly and then went on their way.

The last stretch of the beach was empty, not a lot of bait present. Clouds and wind made sightfishing not possible. Hit the jetty but only got a few blue runners.

The mullet in the pass near the jetty where chased during a brief moment. Could not see what made the attack but only saw a mullet swimming with the tail bitten clean off.

A sudden change in the wind direction and approaching dark clouds made me take a early lunch break at the park.

A severe weather alert was issued and a thunderstorm approached, it rained heavy for quite some time.

I waited the storm out and was the only fisherman at the jetty.

Got a small jack from the beach side and a blue runner from the pass.

Fished the rocks near sunset but despite the presence of loads of baitfish at the incoming tide no hits.

Past sunset just like clockwork the snook started feeding. Had a tiny one that I mistook for a lizardfish at first, lizardfish do not jump though.

This time the snook stayed at the end of my casting range. I hooked a big one but it became a long line release. The action was short lived though and I did not get a second chance. This time the extra time spend did not yield more fish.















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