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On 10/10/2019 at 2:20 PM, Mr. Bigdeal said:

Now these were beers...


        The G. Krueger Brewing Co. operated in Newark from 1934 to 1961. Krueger goes back to 1853 when it was known as Braun & Laible.  I remember the Krueger slogan, proving that they had a great slogan or that I have a great memory here goes "Some pronounce it Kreeger, some pronounce it Kruger, experts pronounce it best".

        The Ballantine Brewery operated in Newark from 1930 to 1940.  When Mel Allen broadcast the N.Y. Yankee games, he referred to a home run as "A Ballantine Blast".

        The Joseph Hensler Brewing Co. had a long run in Newark from 1855 to 1958.

        Does anyone remember Feigenspan PON?  What did PON stand for?  All together now, Pride Of Newark.

        Here are a few of the lesser known breweries that produced in Newark Oldburger Beer, United Brewing Co. of Newark, The Eagle Brewing Co., Lyon & Sons Brewing Co. and the Union Brewing Co, of Newark.

        Now if Newark did not have enough breweries to keep Newark's thirsts quenched, there was Bohemia Beer 1910-1920 in Elizabeth, Hygeia Brewing Co. 1910-1920 in Passaic, Lembeck & Betz 1910-1920 in Jersey City, and Peter Hauck's Harrison Brewery in Harrison.  There is one more that there isn't much written about but I doubt if the survived WWll with the name Rising Sun, listed as an Elizabeth brewery.

Ballantine was brewing in Newark well into the 60's


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