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Hey you fly rod gurus - this clip from my spreadsheet shows DBI (Defined Bending Index) as ERN/AA.

I have increased the ERN table by 0.125, i.e. 200 cents has an ERN of 25.28.

My AAs (Active Angle) are somewhat temporary & I/m working on more precise measurement.


I get DBIs more in line with the CCS part1, by reversing the equation (AA/ERN)




Anyone got any pointers ???

Or wishing to help review the spreadsheet itself, just let me know...






CCS Spreadsheet Clip.JPG

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Hi frazerp,


Good work on starting your own CCS record. A couple small alterations I might suggest: first, although your cents to grams conversions are spot on, the green box at the top of the screenshot is backwards; 2.5g to a cent, it ought to say. Second, it strikes me as though your ERN conversions on the upper end of the spectrum are a bit off. Here's a link to a conversion chart up to ERN 200:


And here's my Google Sheets version of the above chart in very fine detail, along with some miscellaneous graphs I played around with in the winter:


Going by the chart, Red's PB 1409-4 should have an ERN of 18.98---a figure we both agree on. 


Other than that, looks good to me. Easy to fall into the trap of going by CCS as the be-all and end-all measure of a rod, but fun to play around with from time to time to compare rods objectively. 



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Dan - mucho thanks for yr response. The NF pdf is a bit difficult to read, but the IP/ERN-TP-PR #s seem useful, tho I'll have to look up TP & PR.

I am sort of a data freak & I do understand your point about soley relying on CCS.


Thanks again

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