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Where'd the money go?

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The longer they go without fixing it, the more times they can ask the Feds for more money and the more they can raise taxes. Don't expect it will be fixed in you lifetime, city officials need a lot money for themselves.

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45 mins ago, Bob fishhead Sproul said:

Yeah you'd think that remediation was paid for and is ancient history by now, right?

I thought de gubbemint forced schools to abate lead pipes years ago. I did some reading and it appears that's not the case at all. In Philadelphia, they've known since at least 1999. So for TWO DECADES they didn't lift a finger. Not only that, but the schools didn't tell anyone. They knew they were poisoning kids, they didn't tell anyone and they didn't do anything. 


Honestly, what is more corrupt, evil or perverse than a Democrat run city?

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