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10 hours ago, The Riddler said:

Agree. We don't know about the driver either.  He may have had that skiff's motor trimmed all the way back.  At take off that bow is riding high  and it is impossible to see until it gets on plane. By then its too late.  With multiple people, more gear in the rear  some sun and its easy to run someone over. Bow is up and you can't see.  Doesn't take much.  Harder with a tiller style motor too which looks like it may have been. 

Exactly what happened here,the guy was taking his two kids fishing,our dory's are shaped where

the bow is high and stern lifts also. Usually suppose to have some one either standing up holding

the bow rope watching for navigation or looking out over the side communicating with the captain going upswell and upwind. His kids weren't paying attention, and this guy made a mistake cause he was caught off guard and didn't process it correctly. He never should have kept going ,but not sure he realized at the time the severity of the situation ,he's a very experienced boater who has been operating his vessel out of this boat dock in some very critical situations for at least 30+ years without incident.He just had a bad day and didn't do some things right,fortunately nothing serious happened,and when contacted he apologized later to make it right. I'm quite positive he'll pay more attention in the future along with all of us in these waters. We've gone from a few boats here and there to an overwhelming amount of party boats,sport vessels, kayaks,sup's and other ocean going vessels whom have little to no experience launching out in our waters creating problems for everyone,all we can do is try and pay attention best we can,so that these types of accidents happen less. 


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21 hours ago, drmevo said:

Fair enough, and I don’t want to beat this to death any further, but we can discuss these two ideas (the fault of the boater and defensive kayaking) without being dismissive of one or the other. They’re not mutually exclusive, so pointing out the fault of the boater doesn’t mean one values who is in the right over common safety practices. That’s silly. 


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