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From personal experience, and from research on the matter, it’s no surprise to anyone with the issues people have with the St. Croix Mojo Surf Rods. My problems have been in the 9’ 1-4 rating. I’ve had 3 top sections shatter in different spots, and in different scenarios, none of which have come from the rod being out of its “comfort zone” or being used inappropriately. I’m currently on my 4th top section. This last time speaking with a St. Croix rep was one of the best customer service interactions I’ve had. Excessive apologies, and my new top section was sent for free, and a note was placed saying if another upper section broke I would be upgraded free to the avid series. The guys name slips my mind at the moment, but he personally went and spoke with some of their engineers about the issue. A few days later the guy called me and said the engineer was going to make a beefed up prototype and send it to me to try out. I received the prototype and have tried it out a few times and visually it is certainly “beefed up”. It gives me some more confidence to use the prototype over the existing upper section I have. I have been using my 10’ GSB101LS 1-3oz simply because I am in love with this rod and it does everything I need it to. 


My question is, has anyone else had a prototype section sent to them? I wasn’t sure if this is something they just decided to try out or if it’s common practice. Despite the lack of quality of the regular mojo series in my experience, St. Croix’s customer service is truly top notch with easy understanding and quick replies. Any input on this would be awesome. Just curious how many prototypes are out there or if I have 1 of 1

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Never used it before, but I'm glad you're experience was good. 


As I always say: Treat your customers, the environment, and your staff good and you get a thumbs up in my book. 

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