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With the Daiwa BGs ... if you use Daiwa J8 braid I've found they will hold exactly the amount found on the spool specs. So if a Daiwa BG 3000 spool will hold 170 yards of 30 lbs test braid ... and that's the amount on the J Braid spool (150 meters) ... it matches perfectly.


Maintaining a reel in the salt environment is just a standard practice / habit one should have. Swimming with a reel ... any reel is just a little silly to me. If it happens to you with this reel ... the reel will perform but you'll want to do a tear down afterward. On the other hand fishing from the rocks or a boat ... just wash it down like you would have done with an old Penn Spinfisher ... or Daiwa BG for that matter.


They are a great reel for the money ... a price disruptor in the fishing reel marketplace.

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18 hours ago, kombi_rs said:

Here’s my 4500 w/ approx 300yd 30lb spiderwire stealth. Planning on changing to daiwa jbraid 8strand


Damn ain't she a pretty reel. Plus they catch, getting on a bonito bite with mine:


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What size /lb braid and ratio do you want to use?it has limitation only FAST RATIO/retrieve:banghd:

daiwa should get BG 4.9-4.3 ratio for jigging. In order to compete with spf5500 5.6ratio but only 39"ipt vs bg4500 +3.5oz 5.7/43"........and LETHAL or SOCORRO <SPHEROS(costs a little more but it is better)


To protect it from salt you can put a fat layer under the rotor (there is a tutorial)



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