Learning to throw a cast net

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2 hours ago, Cpalms said:

If find that one a little complicated.

It looks complicated in the video, it's not at all though

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11 hours ago, Sudsy said:

I've been throwing for decades, 3 years ago i changed my style and my consistency of fully opened throws has skyrocketed

For small nets 6' radius (12 diameter) and smaller I've been using the Darsizzle method

(Big nets are a totally different game, I still can't throw my really big one worth a damn)

It looks complicated in the video but it's really not, it's actually a faster setup then most other methods, you can get a throw off pretty quickly

I've no idea what the rocking thing she does is about, not necessary 


Enjoy !!




All that jewelry is just begging to catch the net.  Somehow the net always finds a button or zipper to snag on.

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I toss a 4' net with the rope length doubled for distance. For me, being able to reach the bait from shore matters most.


Look for real lead weights and stick with it until you figure out the trick you need.

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