Kokotat and stohlquist drytops-cheap-need new gaskets

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Thinning the heard of some tops that are a few years old. Both XXL and need new gaskets. Buy both for $65 shipped. They are a little dirty from storage. You can cut the gaskets and use them as semi drytops if you'd like.E809D4C8-7F2F-4C36-BB8C-A21BBAAB77EF.jpeg.7f757ebfdf3045d38c7001a1a0a3b9d3.jpeg1AF048BD-024C-4DE5-9ADC-00A5BF875723.jpeg.7b0e05618db44b6b0ab9908cafb4dcbe.jpeg606BEF8E-58EB-4CB4-BAEF-AA828EFE2975.jpeg.5cc9254c9a226ada6cd605e6a5ecf8c7.jpeg008EC742-AB9A-4DA7-AD7E-4BB51D5D1E2A.jpeg.8f4347531d010ce557a98b1a89512c12.jpeg 

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