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Hey guys,


I figure this would be the best place to get some info of what im looking for. I use these poppers pretty regularly, but after a while either a bluefish chews up the feathers on the tail, or the hooks start to rust.  My thought is to tie my own tail hooks, but I was wondering what kind of feathers are used?  tStillwater-Lures-Smack-It-Jr-Popper-Plugs.jpg.87a618a4eb4a5a02d3ef43330fc19dbc.jpg

They are about 3" long, fairly stiff. I used some "maribou" feathers I got from Michaels craft store, but they are wider and more fuzzy, not as streamlined as I would like.  Granted, the 2 hooks I tied with the feathers I got I have not tried (going out tonight), hoping they don't just fall apart...

I realized, after trying to search some fly tying supply places, that there are sooo many types of feathers out there!  figured I could maybe narrow it down a little by getting some opinions from the way more informed in this forum

Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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Thank you Kml and flyer! Kml, exactly what I’m looking for! However, check this video of the maribou feathers I tied this am for the popper...




Don’t know if the video will translate, but theyre really nice when they get into the water... sunset and striper time is close, so I’ll update. Thanks!



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Agree with above.

Strung saddle hackles, Buck tail (deer tail) or some of each.

Flatwaxed nylon is my thread of choice and white can be colored with markers.

Coat the threads with Sally Hanson's clear fingernail polish. You will need a rotary fly drier to prevent sagging if you using 30 min epoxy, envirotex, flexcoat or other resins. 

Good luck.

FYI ..The tail hook can be a single hook, and is far easier to tie than a treble hook.

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