"True Story" Anything and Everthing that Happened this year, Preferably Funny !!

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By request, let's hear your WTF stories of 2019.


One of mine is from just a few weeks ago.  

As I was on my way up to Gloucester to fish on a friend's new 25ft Cobia, @ 2:30am I stopped at Cumbys for gas before getting on the pike.

I put my phone on the top of the back hatch of my Outback while filling up.  This brand new Lotus pulls up and out steps this barbie doll in heels to fill up next to me :naughty:

I opened the hatch to grab my sweatshirt, the handle clicks off on my now full tank, the broad says "nice car" to me?? fires up her sportscar and tears off into the dark.....

I stow the gas nozzel, shut the hatch and take off down the pike.

After a half hour of 80mph I suddenly realize I forgot my phone on the roof!!!! WTF!

Thinking my phone is smashed all over the road in a hundred pieces outside of the Cumbys and my day is ruined I pull over for the hell of it to check the roof... 

My phone is tightly wedged vertically in the seam between the hatch and roof!!!!  :angel:

Lucky..... damn lucky!! 

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Cruiser of 20 years fell off the bike rack somewhere -- got to canal ang was like who stole my bike...  :(


Buddy found it on way to CCC brought it to me - salvaged basket and put on a new bike ready to go again but I already miss that bike



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Was fishing early one morning

before false dawn. Heard a weird sound coming from 15 feet or so away from me. I turn my flashlight on low and see two small beady eyes staring back at me. I continue to shine my light at it, then it shows its teeth. I walk towards it and try to scare it away. It doesn’t budge an inch. I proceed to walk backwards with a plan to use my pole as a lightsaber if needed. It continues to walk towards me. I decided to fish elsewhere, opossum 1 me 0.

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Very true and also not from this year. I find a small turtle

dead on the side of the pier. The size of a half dollar coin.

I thought it was a rubber toy. Picked it up, stuck it in my pocket.

I was going to bring it home, wash it and give it to the kids. :laugh: 

About ten seconds later I did a double check and figured it out. :rolleyes:

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Biggest catch ever for me.

Single engine pontoon plain off Monomoy.

Fourteen foot tin boat,fourteen hp motor.

We wanted to tow it to the fish pier but felt bad and turned it over to the pilot on the beach.

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Back in early July I was driving home on a Sunday evening after fishing some cape beaches.


I stopped at the Sagamore Bridge rest area for a bathroom stop and to get something to drink.


I'm waiting at the Canal St light to turn right in to the visitor's center plaza. I notice a state trooper in the left turn lane on the other side of the light so I make sure I do a very deliberate right turn on red. As I park at the convenience store I see the trooper keep driving on Canal St.


When I get in my car after I leave the store I notice the trooper sitting in the Friendly's parking lot but don't think much of it. I drive to the intersection at Dunkin' Donuts to get on Rt 3 north. As I'm waiting, the trooper pulls beside me, but he's in the left turn lane. I don't think much of it.


I get on Rt 3 north.  A couple miles up the road suddenly cop lights come on behind me. I'm thinking "what the eff did I do?" because I'm doing the speed limit, listening to the comedy channel on XM radio and snacking on whatever I bought at the store.


After talking to the trooper for a bit he tells me my registration is expired. I ask him how so because I bought the car on July 31 a couple of years ago so I have the rest of the month to renew it. I forgot that the registration I transferred to my new car actually expired earlier in the year.


The trooper tells me I can't drive the car and they can't leave it on Rt 3. I plead with the guy to let me drive home and that I'll renew it online as soon as I get home. He tells me he can't let me do that. While I'm outside my car talking & pleading with the officer he has to keep pulling me farther in to the break down lane because he's worried I'm going to get hit by a passing car. 


They tow my car back to the Sagamore stop, drop me off, with everything I want to take from my car, then tow my car to a towing lot.


At this point it's about 11pm on a Sunday night. I call my girlfriend to ask her to come get me. She's not thrilled about this at all because we live an hour or so away and we won't get home until after 1:00 a.m. and we have to work in the morning. I sit at the visitor center's bench with my fishing rods, my lure bag and a couple of other things while I wait for my girlfriend to show up.


The next morning I renew my registration. A couple of days later I drop about $500 in towing and storage fees and the ticket I get for driving a car with an expired registration.


It wasn't funny at the time but it's kinda funny now.


Just an FYI, the cops can now easily run your plates, without pulling you over, to check if you have any outstanding issues on your car or driving record. While I was in the convenience store he was waiting for me to get back on the road so he could pull me over.  :) 

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