Angler-only Neutron Bomb?

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Is there such a thing?


One might have thought so, given the paucity of anglers I saw on the ditch yesterday afternoon (3:00 to 4:00 PM or so).


I was on the cape yesterday, doing errands and visiting with family and friends (no fishing, just banging around with my hound dog, Wally).  Walked out onto the service road about 60 yards E of RR Bridge (Cape side) and there were NO anglers in sight on the Cape side and only TWO on the mainland side (right at the Rec area).


Stopped in at Stone Church to have a look.  ZERO anglers in sight.


Final stop was just inside the Scusset gate.  Three anglers were standing on the platform above the creek outflow, rods just leaning on the rails.  The fish pier had what appeared to be a couple dozen anglers, however.


Seemed very strange to me, given a new moon and long weekend.  


I wonder if that's due to all of the negative reports on social media?

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Fished Th, Fr, Sat and today. Was one of only ~3-5 people at Area 51 Sat night. 


My guess is a combination of some poor online reports, empty breaking tides, lack of larger bait for weeks and pretty much this season, fish present both south and north of the cape giving closer opportunities. That or maybe all of the tunnel passes were revoked.


In any case, great to see it be back to the grind and a little less of free for all.

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I was at the Cape 26-30th , hardly saw anyone on the Canal cept the obvious "easy access" spots Cape side.

I myself stayed away from the Ditch and did very well on various shorelines catching "Schoolie" Bass and Blues along with SeaBass and Scup. 

Just Amazing what the Social Media does , I had a very pleasant "Crowd Free" week and the Anglers I did talk with were very sociable .

Kinda a Funny I should add, that people are selling their S...T for the Canal , 

I met a member and  and Bought a Ron Arra Lamiglass 11' for 1-5 oz and Shimano Cl4+ 5500 ….for Half the price, lets see what happens on the Buy/Sell









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9 mins ago, TBYRD said:

If a drag screams out in the wee dark hours of morning, and nobody is around to hear it, does it still make a beautiful sound? 

No one can know, by definition.

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Lets start a New thread called "True Story"

Anything and Everthing that Happened this year, Preferably Funny !!

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