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Battle 2 3000 windknots

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On 8/23/2019 at 2:27 PM, hunter123 said:

Another reason I stick with a good mono.I had the same problems years ago when I first tried braid, did have a different reel . I just don't like fooling around with my line when fishing. If I want that , I can always use my conventional reels for a nice birds

I agree. I'm a mono guy. 

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On 8/25/2019 at 7:10 PM, DoorGunner said:

Never had a wind knot in my life and thats with over 60 years of casting. Had plenty of in line knots but they never had anything to do with the wind.

So called wind knots are caused by a few things. Overloading a spool is part of it but the main cause is flipping the bail over. We fill our spools under controlled pressure and we usually fill them right to the lip of the spool. More line means more everything. Problems begin when we cast and retrieve time and time again. We don't have the same pressure on the line and the line lays on the spool much more loose. Then it happens. We make a cast then flip the bail and one little loose loop of line comes partway off the spool and as we reel in the line lays over that one little loose loop sticking off the spool. This is what it looks like.



Then as we cast the line will keep hitting that loose loop until it finally gets pulled off the spool before it's supposed to and we end up with the so called dreaded windt knot. This is what it looks like before we make the mistake of pulling the line tight.



There is a way of just about eliminating these knots from happening. After every cast flip the bail over by hand and before you even touch the handle take your hand and pull the line tight. Most if not all loose loops form with the first turn of the handle. And don't fill your spools to the very edge of the spool lip.      

Excellent advice. You nailed it. Might I add a bit. Proper shimming goes a long ways. And after spooling new line and you have access to a boat, troll out line to about twice your casting distance. No weight or lure, just line. Once I started doing this I have never had any of the new line issues that I used to have.

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