Anyone here run a panga?

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I've seen a couple locally, but don't know the owners, and am curious if anyone here has any personal experience in one.  Seems like it might be an interesting option.

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Not the owner, but its the boat I fish out of 90% of the time here in NJ. Buddy is actually upgrading soon so not for much longer.


But his is a 25' Imemsa with a 140 Suzuki 4 stroke. Certainly has its limitations due to the narrow width but it handles most anything we've done. Runs shallow, great dive boat, ideal for 2-3 people while fishing.


Not the driest boat, has plugs and is not self bailing. Fuel efficiency is unbelievable and the past year plus we have been pushing it offshore to 30-50 miles in search of bluefin. 30 gallon fuel tank usually is enough for that trip and we always bring a spare 14 gallon tank on those tips as well. We finally put a 100lbs bluefin in it last month.


It will certainly be missed when he upgrades but we won't be picking our days as much with his new boat.

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looked at them in Florida. Panga/ knife     i see them on the flats.  They use them for work boats also.  

They say, not so good in NE waters?

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