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Mike Oliver, how's this for a two-handed cannon?

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I know of Menteith. It had to be there or Leven.

Yes Rainbows are stocked in various sizes in the U.K. lakes and reservoirs.


Depends on how the fishery is managed as to the stock size and quality.


The lowland ones I Buzzer fish and yes the takes can be so brutal that they smash your leader. They have become our staple game fish.


I hope you manage to get onto a Loch which has wild Browns.





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Next time, browns for sure. We had one take separate fly from leader...and we were using 2x...


A couple more photos from the day:








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16 hours ago, Mike Oliver said:



I can understand why this book is so fascinating and interesting. At the same time these old books  highlight  just how much our natural resources have sharply declined in a relatively short time. 59 Salmon in a single day is incredible. He knew how to play fish hard and with by today’s standards simple gear. An impressive Angler.

Over the years the bar gets re set lower and lower so new guys  think what we have today is the norm. It is common even amongst Scientists to think this way.

If more Anglers realised how good it once was they  may question a lot harder why they are asked to pay so highly for a degraded product.

I hope by now you are on your river.



I agree with you but unfortunately, let's not hold our breath: the cost of salmon fishing will not come down and it is doubtful that the stocks will start increasing significantly. And in Québec, we still allow killing big salmon.... What a shame... it should be mandatory to release all salmon, even grilse.


As for NB, leaving Saturday and getting there Sunday.

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On 8/14/2019 at 2:02 PM, The Fisherman said:

Yes, I've used it on the Farmington with success...I would also think it would drive wild brookies absolutely out of their mind.


Steve Culton

Just finished your article in the Sept / Oct Eastern Fly Fishing mag . I still enjoy the mail

delivery edition. Great read as always . 

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