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‘Assault’ rifle?

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12 hours ago, JimP said:

Good question.   My method of procurement most likely left no record.  



There should be no record of any method of procurement and no registration like in NJ and whatever other states. Supposedly here in Delaware the only access to purchase info is the federal background paperwork in case of theft of the weapon(s).
Buuutttt....this could be misused for other purposes, not that the government would ever do such a thing.

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On 8/18/2019 at 8:18 AM, charloots said:

This is where he should have admited that he stepped on his dick and backed out of the thread.

many men seem to find their manhood from the weapons they own,

also a dick related problem.

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8 mins ago, tomkaz said:

For that matter, why “Rambo”? He was a lonely drifter, disenfranchised vet, who just wanted to be left alone. He did not own a gun, did not plan any bloodletting and only reacted when attacked first. 

is this how you see yourself when you cosplay tough guy with your guns?



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