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1 hour ago, The Riddler said:

People do like it.  I liked it.  There's enough wasabi and sirachi sauce in this world to make anything taste great. 

Looks like the other guy who liked it gave you a thumbs up.........I kid 

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12 hours ago, Tailslap said:

You enjoying what’s happened to your spot. You used to love to talk about it here. And then others talked about it and so on. Those guys you are talking about could have very well heard about that spot online. Many have. Why are you still denying what a negative effect the internet has had on spots including this one.

I'd have to look up my old posts, but I don't think I've referred to "my spot" by name online in a decade... yeah, "my spot" is crowded now, but once again, the crowds have zero to do with anything I've ever put online... 

I'm not on FB or IG, any spot burning on those two sites is out of my control... 


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4 hours ago, FizzyFish said:

IMO, the key to eating albies is immediate bleeding and icing, trimming off all the dark meat, cooking as little as possible or not at all. 5d7e523c3f210_localtuna9.7.15001.JPG.de81a45f1302a5a33385cd9e687d8e9e.JPG5d7e523e91c29_localtuna9.7.15002.JPG.5d9478e7e8399afb288b49c3b4d0b9b2.JPG

Fizzy, you did a great job! Your sashimi albi looks excellent and you are 100% correct: There is nothing wrong with it if you kill/keep it right and remove the dark meat. I just got done with the other half of one I took Friday (1/2 yesterday). I pan seared the loins so they were cooked 15-20% on the outside and raw inside. I did the soy and wasabi thing one day then soy and pepper sauce the next.

I think it is "almost identical" to the leaner of the blackfin tunas I got last week in Venice, La. 


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Started out at sunup down in Rhody lots of bait. Had a quick splash by a few but they didn’t stick around. We fished 3 spots today checked out a forth but the scup and tog guys where all over the spot back to spot number 1. No fish. Spot number 2. Lots of bait. Saw some guys with a stringer of blues and albies. They got on em at sun up. After fishing this area for a bit we took the ride to the cape. Hit a spot where my buddy got them yesterday on the boat.  We saw fish busting way out. Had a few quick shots close to us. My buddy had 2 hits but missed them. 



I’m on a mission for an albie and Spanish mack from shore if anyone cares to share some advice on what to look for in a shore spot it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t have access to a boat 

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So, I caught and cooked my first Spanish Mackerel this weekend.

I eat everything that least once.

Have to say, I  like the taste of fish!

You know, there are those who say they 'love' fish.. when it doesn't taste too ' fishy'... what a bunch of


Spanish Mackerel has a nice white meat fillet, and a lot of yield  for the size of the fish .

It's closest cousin is a Kingfish which is larger and heralds a great reputation for the table .

Kings got taste...SM only a fraction by comparison, although still a treat 


Albies got powerful taste ..more than most like....or can even stand.

Bluefish got taste! 


Now , for you 'white fish only ', best taste crowd...I serve a lot of my catch.

Black Seabass takes the cake hands down! Stripers go home...gamey by comparison.

Haddock? Where's the flavor?


Spanish Mackerel , grilled with  hot sesamee oil.

It was delicious, tasty, but not a 'must die for...'


Today's fishing amounts to casting too much for too little.

Wow were they picky,  still feeding strong by 2 pm, snubbing all I could offer.



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