Backlash on Strong Casts?

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No thumb is as clever as a well set up braking system, be it centrifugal or magnetic. (others will disagree)

Try Swimbaiter's method

I do think your Live Target Mullet is not helping; try the bucktial.

Learn in a field if you can

With a sinker.

Then move on

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Is the reel used, recently purchased?


Have you opened the reel to check the interior condition of the reel to insure it’s free of corrosion and not packed with excessive reel grease if so remove with a toothbrush and replace with Q-tip a good quality synthetic grease like Penn’s.


Check all reel/spool bearings are functional and lubricated with a good quality lubricant and not dry or packed with heavy bearIng oil/grease (might want to soak your bearings in lighter fluid to remove old or dirty lubricant then put a drop of a good synthetic oil in each bearing, I prefer Penn’s), make sure all drag is zeroed, VBS brakes are all off but the desired number on, spool tension control is set to minimal (essentially the spool is centered with minimal side to side gap).


If you’re not comfortable doing these things yourself, take the reel to someone you can trust to clean, lubricate and adjust the reel properly making sure to mention the short cast performance issues you’ve been experiencing.


NOW spin your spool like your casting and check the run time of the reel, does it run quietly but fast for a reasonable time?


Try taking it out now and practice casting it with your practice weights AND spool tape brake I recommended! Progressively increase your casting speed so that you’re not snap casting but gradually increasing the load on your rod until the moment you release the weight. 


If your still not satisfied please upload a video with your casting technique. 


Tell us about your rod, brand, model, line weight and lure weights. Please try to remember that under most surf fishing beach conditions it’s usually best to use a rod that’s at least 10’-11’ long and using a reel that’s a non level wind to get the best distance cast with your bait or lure. There are exceptions though. Sometimes small changes in a setup can net you significant improvements without having to use a dedicated surf rod outfit. Using a faster lubricant for instance, using mono or fluorocarbon line on a windy day instead of braid that tends to catch the wind. Using a saltwater rod instead of a freshwater rod can also help because saltwater rods tend to have more flex in the tip, while freshwater rods tend to have more flex in the belly of the rod resulting in saltwater rods that are typically stiffer feeling when casted than freshwater rods though many Swimbait rods tend to feel more like saltwater rods than freshwater.


I hope some or all of this is helping you!

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On 8/14/2019 at 11:36 AM, cheech said:

Try more brakes, less spool tension. I’m not familiar with the conquest but If possible cast when the LW is in the middle.

The old ABUs were great when you could center the line guide before casting. The other option was a free floating line guide during the cast. The newer subject reel has a  synchronized levelwind.



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Let me say that I do appreciate all of you that took the time to give me your opinions and suggestions.  I would not have considered some of these options without your feedback.  So thank you.  


I think I found the culprit.  It seems that the 1.5 oz. Live Target Mullet is the suspect.  If you've been following this thread then you know I was only able to cast this lure about 38-39 yards, and when I really put some zing into the cast, I'd get an overrun about half way.  


Well I swapped out my 30# braid for 50# braid and opted to just fill the spool up half way.  Then I swapped out the Mullet for a regular 1.75 oz. bucktail jig.  First cast 45 yards!  After taking off one brake and loosing the spool control knob 2 clicks, pow, 48-49 yards.  This is a 10 yard jump over the LT mullet.  It seems like a noobie mistake, but that lure apparently creates quite a bit of drag and slows down significantly once it reaches its apex.  Right now I have 2 of 8 brakes on, and the spool is set several clicks lighter than the recommended setting. 


To further test this finding, I will re-spool with 40# braid and tie on a simple 3 oz. bank sinker.  Let's see what it'll do then.  

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That’s great news!


You might want to also use the tape on the spool and use a moderate but progressively harder cast when you do that just to save yourself some headache if the spool over runs itself. 

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