Conventional or low profile baitcaster for Tog?

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1 hour ago, nateD said:

If you are fishing from a boat in 50+ fow and dropping straight down, that kind of pressure is a lot different than casting out from the beach. I have a tranx 300 and no way is it going to stop a 10+ lb tog in its tracks on that initial pull without thumbing the spool, and you definitely need to pump the rod some. I like the reel a lot it has held up great for 2 seasons but I'm still going with a beefier conventional over it for deep water tog fishing.


You need a more powerful low pro.


The Tranx reels are almost exclusively meant for casting lures to FW fish and inshore saltwater fish.

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On 8/11/2019 at 2:37 PM, AbbyDaddy said:

Thanks all for your inputs. I was going to pull the trigger on the Avet SXJ G2, but then saw Seigler SGN w/ 10% off w/ lifetime warranty and ordered one for $225. Going to pair with a Tsunami slow pitch 7'XH. Can't wait to get it! 


Hopefully, the lever drag doesn't become an issue. But it seems like a reel with very easy maintenance. 

100% you made the best choice.. had I seen this thread earlier it would have been my #1 suggestion for sure... I have the SGN and it's nothing short of a tank but somehow still very light weight.. built to last a lifetime.. self service in 10 minutes flat with zero prior experience.. narrow spool minimizes line management and the need for levelwind.. mine is spooled with over 300yds of #30pp which is overkill for tog.. I do add a 10' #60 ande leader for abrasion against rocks and such.. 

I prefer a lever drag conventional because it makes the reel more useful for other applications. Like trolling the occasional mojo rig for bass or umbrellas for blues.. 

Great choice!!!  Good luck with it.  


A note For anyone reading this thread moving forward.....

I have both the lexa and the tranx as well.  Both excellent reels.  I have put more tog than I'll ever recall on the lexa without ever an issue..  both the lexa and tranx can handle togzilla if you find him.. i say that having put much bigger and harder fighting fish on both of these reels... only downside to baitcasters for this application, IMHO, is the thumb bar.. the heavier the lead your dangling, the harder it is to depress the thumb bar.. this can easily cause failure on long days of deep drops. Whenever I have a decent amount of lead on and use one of those reels, I'm careful to thumb the spool back a hair and release the pressure of the weight before depressing the bar...


That said the SGN is a way better choice for what your looking to do..



As for the rod.. don't let anyone tell you that the tsunami Slow pitch 7'XH isnt enough. It certainly is.. I like the BH charter special 6'8 and 7'3 also and maybe they are worth a look if your still undecided... I will add this though.. with heavy lead, the tips on those rods will get a little sloppy.. doesn't bother me in the least, but if that will bother you then maybe look at a stouter rod.. my buddy uses the SGN on a triflex 7030ct and he loves the combo for tog, wrecks and eeling for bass in mtk.. 


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