Vintage fishing... How did we manage?

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Went LMB fishing with an old friend this past weekend.

We used to fish together back in the 80s and 90s.

Haven't seen him in years and knowing he's not a tackle whore, I figured I'd go back to the 80s with him.

Dug out the Shimano Black Magnum and ULS reels. Filled them with 14 and 10 lb mono.

Put them on pistol grip rods too.

Pop-Rs, rattletraps, spinnerbaits and scum frogs.


Besides the fact that there were two 63 YOs huffing and puffing over the fallen trees and rocks...

How the heck did we fish with monofilament?

I didn't realize how spoiled I am!

Like fishing blindfolded with baseball gloves on.

Spinnerbaits over submerged weeds.... with braid you can not only feel the blade but the lure ticking on  the weeds. Mono? You feel the ball of weeds.

Spinnerbaits in fallen trees.... with braid you can run them up to a branch and flip it over consistently. Mono? the stretch allows the rod to load and the lure to tilt and you hook the branch.

Forget about breaking it off when standing on a rock, you have to walk down to the road and the next county to take the stretch out of the line.

Hooksets? After having several misses I realized that I had to do what we used to call the "Roland Martin Hookset" move the rod tip about 8' up and back.

Missed the biggest of the day cuz I forgot that.


All in all it was a great day out with an old friend. We caught some fish, didn't get sunstroke and to quote him "nobody broke a hip"

But the mono goes back in the drawer!

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2 mins ago, Ebbtide231 said:


How the heck did we fish with monofilament?


LOL - First time I fished my big Alvey it was spooled with 20# mono and on an 11' Yellow Lami

Got a mid 20's lb bass - It was like catching it on a giant rubber band !

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Posted (edited)

Back in the old days if you wanted line with limited stretch you had to use woven Dacron or Monel wire.


I remember being thrilled by my first hollow fiberglass rod and spinning reel with mono. That felt like a major step up from woven nylon line on bait casting winches mounted on solid fiberglass rods with their wood handles. Before that is was tubular steel rods and split bamboo rods.


The first mono was like nylon wire and it has improved greatly over the years. The first softer monos had too much stretch and memory, but that also improved as Dupont refined their formulas.


We have come a long way with the high modulus rods, braid, and fluorocarbon. 

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Posted (edited)

Yes it’s saltwater but I went out to the North Fork with a few guys black fishing . Decided to go old school and took along my 1950’s  pen reel and 1940s True Temper rod ( broom stick ) it was catching like a new catalog model lol everyone wanted to try it out and then feel history. 

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