Is there a limit on skates and rays?

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If you do decide to keep skate make sure to remove the wings from the body and get into ice quickly to avoid the ammonia smell/taste.

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I went out to a Korean restaurant  a few nights ago with my wife.  We ordered the Braised Skate wing.  It was delicious!  Mild, white, flaky meat.  Not fishy, no oiliness.  they had skinned it, seared on the "bone" (really collagen).  then braised in a sauce of onions, mild green pepper, daikon radish and a mild chili pepper sauce.


It came in a sizzling skillet on a portable burner.

Put it on a plate and ate the top fillet which is thicker than the bottom.  The collagen "bone" just lifts right off.  the collagen is more like a soft plastic comb.  If they braised the bone further, it would become gelatinous.


I've made fried skate wing before and it was also good.  But I think I'll do a braise next time.


Thinking - sear in a pan with olive oil, throw in some sliced onion, a dash of soy sauce to taste, tomatoes, a dash of sesame oil (optional), a little black pepper or cayenne and a tablespoon of sugar.  Maybe add some chicken stock if there is not enough braising liquid.  Simmer til the meat flakes off easily and sauce thickens.  I'd serve with rice or egg noodles, or even a baked or boiled potato.  Or cold leftovers can be made into a sandwich.


NOTE:  It's a myth that it tastes like scallop.  Nothing like it.  Only similarity is that the meat has distinct layers.  If someone really cut them to try to make them look like scallop, they would fail.  The layers would go across the diameter of the piece, whereas a scallop the layers are up and down.

Braised skate.jpg

skate serving.jpgskate plate.jpg



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7 hours ago, alaskansteve said:

i cut some for a buddy of mine, he really liked the filllets. They get pretty thick in the winter when i'm trying to catch monkfish.




skates 2017 3.jpg

please tell me those dont all die

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Every one of them get cut and sold, Where did you think the skates in fish markets and restaurants come from ? I'm one of those bad commercial fishermen in fact this will be my 50th year commercial fishing for a living. I choke dogfish & monkfish to death also. Caught my share of bluefish back when i lived in NJ then I moved to Alaska many years ago and caught a few salmon also. By the way they are winter skates different from what you catch all summer.632.jpg.b2fe10446bf09b475d553d943609c6ac.jpgcarlsonsdock.jpg.9b92ed021142e989555361ae41f184f5.jpg



monk table1.jpg

gillnet crane.JPG

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