Anyone fish bucktails underneath a float?

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When I lived in Connecticut, a bucktail under a "Slim Jim" pencil float (not sure whether they're still made) was a standard rig when fishing for early-season bass around sod banks.


A 5/8 oz. bucktail balanced perfectly with the pencil float.  You could cast it out past the edge of the bank, where there were a lot of rockweed (what I think is the same as what an earlier poster called "bubble weed") covered stones:in the shallow water.  While a bucktail fished alone would quickly foul the weeds, the bucktail fished under a float would rise just above the weed when retrieved, was virtually snagless, and caught a lot of striped bass.


Balancing the weight with the float was critical.  A 3/8 oz bucktail wouldn't pull the float down at all, and would ride too high, while a 1-oz would sink the float and snag.  5/8 oz was the sweet spot.

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