What Do You Use For NEMA 2000 Information/Display?

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Just put a NEMA 2000 backbone on my boat, mainly so I could monitor my 2010 ETEC.


Wasn't till after I ran all the cabling and power that I realized that neither of my GPS nor my Sounder were NEMA 2000 compliant, so I can't use any of them for a split screen display, which was my original intent.


I could install an ICON gauge, but they're $400, and all I get is a gauge.  I could upgrade one of my devices (2 GPS and 1 Sounder) to a new model that is NEMA 2000 compliant, but I'm kind of happy with everything I have.


So, money is the main concern here, but I have several options....... An ICON gauge, a new GPS/Sounder or a display unit that is nothing but NEMA info on a larger screen than a gauge.


If this is going to cost me between $300-$700 any way I look at it, I want to go the right way here.


What do you all use?  What do you like, or not?

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In my case I got a new garmin 9" , Nema wasn't a thought @ time of purchase.

My installer informed me of the option to hook it up, keep in mind only newer engines

will be capable of this function. For me its a redundant display because of the digital

C10 gauge Suzuki uses. I was all into it at first now .... not so much  


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I was in similar situation a couple of years ago (wanted an "all in one" unit) and chose Simrad GO7 TotalScan.

See below.


Gauge screen is real-time responsive, and everything I can pull out of that Yamaha outboard is visible.  Some things are hidden as they may be useless info/redundant/etc. NEMA tie in works 100% and is 100% reliable; alarm function works well (I got beeped at once for "near overheat" as my pee-hole clogged).  Fishfinder and structure-scan functionality works well, as does GPS on this thing.

I seldom use either, and when I run my unit's usually set to the "Instruments" screen to have an easy view of all important stuff for me.

Running 30MPH through 1 foot(or less) of sometimes weedy waters all I care about is my RPMs, temps, trim and fuel level.

I may be forgetting some things.


Hope this give you a little insight.

Can't really say how/if it's any better or worse than your Garmins or Dragons. 

I did my research at time of purchase, and chose based on overall value+recommendations.  I'm satisfied with the Simrad.

While 1/2 of it's overall functionality is useless on the rivers I run, the rest comes in handy on occasional lake trips, etc.

Pick 2 "fav" units/brands, and roll with one you like better for whatever reason.

YouTube reviews will probably give you a better virtual feel for them all, and of course you can always just walk into your local WestMarine/etc and press all the buttons.




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