First ever bonefish - caught on GoPro!

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Thanks guys! It was definitely a rush! :th:


22 hours ago, smellfish said:

Best home fishing video ever ... it had it all ...  hot chicks, amazing voice over work, great music selection and to top it off a beautiful bonefish. Very nice work ...  very enjoyable to watch.

lmao, not sure who got a bigger kick out of this comment, my 48yo wife or my 16yo daughter. :laugh:


20 hours ago, Alferd Packer said:

First of all, great catch. Congratulations. And yeah, me too, cheap AF.

you'll like this then. the rod I used was the Fiblink 4 Pieces 7ft Travel Spinning Rod ($39), the reel was a tsunami gaurd ($55) and for a case, I used a Hobby Lobby Expandable Artwork Storage Tube ($5) that I strapped to the side of my backpack (personal item on the flight), so I was all-in on the gear for $100.


I also bought the 9ft Fiblink ($59 - it fit in the tube as well) surf rod for this trip because I liked the 7ft so much. It was rated 1-5oz and could sling a 3oz Rapala an absolute mile. Here's a pic of it hooked up on a nice mutton snapper. Had enough backbone to drag it out of the rocks on the other side.



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