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These days? You're better off traveling light, one tackle bag, at most 2 rods, taking everything off the bike, walking it down the grassy bank to where the rocks start, and laying it down gear side up. Take your gear down to the water. I wouldn't leave even a junker bike sitting up on the road now, from what I've been reading. 

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On 7/18/2019 at 11:07 AM, beerdoh said:

I use a rear mounted kickstand and carry a "Click-Stand" for extra security if I need it on windy days.


Make sure the rear mounted stand has a connection to the chain stay and seat stay on the frame otherwise it can rotate (see photo).


Also, don't forget to lock the brakes by putting a band around the brake levers. The click-stand comes with a few brake bands...

Kick stand_LI.jpg

click stand.JPG

How do you like the click stand? I ordered one two days ago!

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Thanks for all the good ideas, I ordered a click-stand it collapses and stores easily out of the way. i will let you know how i like it.

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What I did for my canal bike stand was to use a velcro strap to lock up the front brake.  The actual stand is a long, rubber handled golf club with most of the club head cut off. A short bit of the hosel was retained for a wider contact with the ground.  Wedge the golf club handle end between the two rails behind the seat post of the  bike saddle as if gently prying the rails apart. Allow the bike to lean so that the golf club digs into the ground.  A length of 1/2" PVC pipe zip-tied to the bike rack works as a holster for the golf club bike stand.


Cheap hack and as stable as any I've looked at to date.


I imagine a cut-off ski pole with a rubber crutch tip over the cut end would work as well.

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