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4days in cabo pulmo chasing roosters from the surf from a ATV is  totally a new experience, and very challenging. we came very close to catching a few managed to get a mexican pompano (palometa).driving full speed  then jumping out of the atv running with a stripping baskets rod in hand lines coming out and getting tangled up is a learning curve for sure these fish swim very tight to the beach but very skittish even your shadow can spook them , we also came prepared with spin surf but wanted to stick with the fly ...line management is very critical its literally a one shot deal.hopefully i will come tight to one or two next year, now that i know how to play this game ...sight fishing on a ATV is a first for me pretty sick stuff.

After coming home and taking a few days to recover we headed to the cape and hit the rips and the flats ,fish was on the small side  this year biggest was around 30" unusual for the rips our guide was expressing to us how worried he was for the striped bass current situation as we all know.










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3 hours ago, bigredgolf said:

"Running Down The Man" might have been the first or second fly fishing video I ever watched, and was always intrigued. Nice trip

Just saw the  video That pretty much sums it up ...only difference is we  used a stripping basket and the side by side to cover 10miles of shoreline instead of walking .

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2 hours ago, Killiefish said:

How was the bait situation down in CP?  If there's little or no bait or bird action in close it can be difficult to connect in only 4 days of fishing.

Bait was present (mullet) but not massive amount most of the shots were roosters just swimming tight to the shore line.

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2 hours ago, SoCalStripers said:

Which guide service did you fish with? They set up the ATV rentals and everything like that? 

Our guide was lance Peterson an expert at this game

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