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10 mins ago, Ravioli said:

Tonight's Fun.  I get this email about 30 minutes ago to the info@account:


"Let me begin by saying we are regular customers. We dine with you weekly. Tonite I ordered take out and was extremely disappointed when I opened the fried calamari to find the skimpiest portion imaginable- 6 “rings” and 13 “tentacles.” I regularly order this as my entree so I know what the “normal” portion is. If you had ever dared to serve this to me in the restaurant I would have sent it back. But with take out, I guess you think you can get away with it. But that’s where you’re wrong.  You have far too much competition.  If you loose your customers you shouldn’t blame the situation - you can only blame yourselves. (And I can send you a picture)."


I looked them up and they have been to the other restaurant 4 times in the last 4 years.


My Response.



Ms. H,


Let me begin by saying that we are sorry that you did not like your calamari.


Being that you are “regular” customers, we were a bit surprised that you chose to express your displeasure by writing us an email containing veiled threats. Most of our “regular” customers would just call us and let us know.


That being said, we have credited your account for the calamari. Believe me, we would not want to lose such great customers to our competition because of something so trivial.


Please try to have a better day tomorrow.



I think I wrote that? :headscratch:

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42 mins ago, quest450 said:

thanks buddy I thought you need the ******'s translation

Don't need Rosetta Stone to see stoopid

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Not bad.

People starting to crack though. All these pandemics and murder hornets takin a mental toll on folks.

Complaining and arguing about everything under the sun.

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yeah its getting old here too. people starting to not be so concerned with social distancing when its nice out and they been cooped up too long. last friday, whether was nice and i swear it was like move in day at the dorm on a college campus.

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