Trump and Kim to Meet in DMZ Sunday

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Donald Trump meeting Kim Jong-un at DMZ: US president set for 'symbolic handshake' at Korean border

Donald Trump has arrived for a historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after making his first trip to the Demilitarized Zone dividing the two Koreas.


In what will be a remarkable diplomatic spectacle, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Mr Kim had accepted the US president's invitation to meet when he visits the heavily fortified site at the Korean border village of Panmunjom.


"The leaders of the US and North Korea will have a handshake for peace standing at Panmunjom, the symbol of division," Mr Moon said, referring to the "truce village" in the DMZ.


Analysts described the risky move as grand political theatre that could reset relations between the US and North Korea after months of stalemate over Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons programme, but cautioned it would not significantly move the needle in terms of the disarmament process.


Mr Trump himself tempered expectations ahead of his brief meeting with Kim at the truce village of Panmunjom, located in the 2.5-mile buffer zone between North and South Korea known as the demilitarised zone (DMZ).


“It’s just a step. It might be an important step and it might not, but what we are doing today is a step and probably it’s a step in the right direction,” he told a press conference.


“There’s a good feeling so it could be very good. As far as another meeting let’s see what happens today before we start thinking about that. But it could be very important,” he added.


The president, who first publicly extended his invitation to Kim on Saturday on Twitter, casting it as a “quick hello” rather than a full summit, insisted the North Korean leader had  “wanted to do it from the beginning.”


He said: “I do believe he understands me and I think I understand him. Sometimes that can lead to very good things.”


Mr Trump departed Seoul by helicopter shortly after the announcement. 


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So how long until the usual suspects complain Trump is coddling a dictator and giving legitimacy to a madman? 


Trump invites Kim Jong-un to visit US after stepping into North Korea – as it happened

US president steps over demarcation line as two leaders chat in historic meeting

9.49 am



  • Donald Trump has invited Kim Jong-un to visit the US during talks at Korean peninsula’s demilitarised zone after he became the first American president to step onto North Korean soil.
  • The meeting was organised yesterday, both leaders confirmed, after Trump tweeted Kim Jong-un suggesting they meet and “say Hello(?)!” while Trump was in the region for the G20 summit in Osaka.
  • Trump travelled to the DMZ with South Korean leader Moon Jae-in, while the three had an hour-long tri-lateral meeting at Peace House.
  • Trump said the meeting was “very historic” and criticised those who said that nothing had been come about from his two summits with Kim, which occurred last June and earlier this year.
  • Trump announced that new teams would be set up by the three parties to the negotiations. Asked by journalists if he believed that North Korea’s previous negotiators were still alive, he replied: “I think so.”


Updated at 9.55 am


9.45 am

Ivanka Trump had a slightly less glowing take than her father on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea after she and her husband, Jared Kushner, stepped out of one of the blue houses alongside the demarcation line.

“How was North Korea?” she was asked by Margaret Talev from Bloomberg.

“Surreal” answered the US president’s daughter.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, walk in the border village of Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone, South Korea.Photograph: Susan Walsh/AP

Updated at 9.51 am


9.40 am

With the dust settling on panmunjom, there’s time now to pick up on some of the other subplots and details, in particular the cast-list of who else was present.

According to Anna Fifield, Beijing bureau chief for the Washington Post, those on the sidelines for the handshake included: Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, the US conservative commentator and broadcaster Tucker Carlson, North Korean foreign minister Ri Yong Ho and his deputy Choe Song Hui, as well as the North Korean singer and Hyon Song Wol.


9.22 am

After announcing that the sides would be setting up new teams to take forward negotiations, Trump was asked during the press conference if he believed that North Korea’s previous negotiators were still alive.

“I think they are.. I know one of them is alive,” he replied.

Meanwhile, Trump talked up the fact that there has been no recent ballistic missile tests by North Korea.

There had been some “very small ones” - he added, but theres were missile tests which “practically every country does.”

“We don’t consider that a test. We are talking about long range missile tests.”

Updated at 9.22 am


9.18 am

Trump invites Kim to the US

Trump says that he invited Kim Jong-un to visit the US “when the time is right.”

That bit of news - surely the cushions are being plumped up already in Mar-a-Lago - came towards the end of the short press conference he gave alongside the South Korean president.

It looks like Trump also indicated that he was prepared to take up an invite to go to Pyongyang.

Trump said that he had told Kim: “You know what? At the right time you are going to come over. We are going to to go over there. I would certainly extend the invite.

Trump also said that it was he would suggested that he walk across the DMZ into North Korea.

The US president asked Kim if he would like him to cross over and the reply was that he would be honoured.

Updated at 9.52 am


9.07 am

Moon maintained a poker face as Trump segued into a criticism of the previous White House administration

“It was a fiery mess. Bad things were going on,” added the president.

After Moon spoke, Trump said that he wanted to thank Kim for saving him the media going after him if the North Korean leader had not taken up the Trump administration: “Had he decided not to come you would have hit me, hit me hard.

“I want to thank him for doing it at such quick notice. We moved mountains.”

“In the meantime there has been no nuclear tests, there has been no nuclear missiles”

Trump addes that he’s going to go off an speak with US troops now at a nearby military base.

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21 mins ago, tomkaz said:

BTW, Tucker Carlson? 





Listen to this album.  Buck Owens was Dwight Yoakum's mentor, he did this after Owens died.


Yoakum is a walking encyclopedia on all things west coast country music, the Bakersfield Sound.  In some ways its cooler than Nashville.


I picture a North Korean army band playing this tune.

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Posted (edited) · Report post

2 mins ago, tomkaz said:

Carlson is on the trip with him to the DMZ. Why? 

Fly fishing opportunities?  Hmmmm.  I could hang out with him.


If nothing else it will spool up the castrati real good.



Couch it as an interview.

Edited by Little

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Say whatever you like about Trump, but he is the only western leader to pro-actively pursue a peace accord with North Korea.


Unstable war monger!


Yeah right!

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36 mins ago, tomkaz said:

Carlson is on the trip with him to the DMZ. Why? 

Loudest voice on the most friendly Cable Network

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Good for Trump.  The Limp Wrists will find something wrong with it.  I don't know if it will work out but at least he is giving it a shot.  Better than the last few sets of nimrods we had as President.  Also, the trade deal with China is back up and running.  Again, don't know what will happen but he is giving it a try.  The worst that can happen is nothing.  And notice, unlike Obama and Bush and Clinton, Trump hasn't given away anything financial (that we know of)

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10 mins ago, Nessmuk said:

I can't wait for the brain trust to show up and explain how talk is bad.

Beat me to it.  Inevitable.  Unstable.  War Monger.



17 agencies





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