Brand New Korkers Wraptr size 11

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4 hours ago, GraniteStRockfish said:

mind if i ask why youre selling

- besides maybe the factory cleats falling out when used hard, ive been happy with my Korkers

I’m a 10 not an 11, nothing more than that - my wife got them for me but I couldn’t return them.   I’ve had my last pair of Korkers boots for 6 years and now have a new pair - I fish pretty hard May to October and have never had the soles fall off on either pair.    

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thanks for the reply and i agree, never any problem with the soles and have gotten great durability out of the boots themselves, just lost a couple carbide spikes here and there on long walks or heavy in the rocks - buying some extra spikes to replace over time is no big deal and boots stay more versatile and comfortable than screwing in the big grip studz


nice boots, consider any trades?

if not, no worries and glws

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