From Fake/Manufactured Crisis to Trump-neutering House Bill to Capitulation

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Recall the term "manufactured crisis"? 

"Fake Crisis"? 


Can you recall the House funding bill that would restrict Trump's ability to control the immigrant treatment at the border? 


What happened? 

Huge Win for Trump: Dems Agree to Emergency Funding for Border Crisis They Once Called 'Fake'

On Thursday afternoon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally agreed to support a clean bill for border security funding to help immigrants detained in U.S. facilities. The $4.6 billion funding bill passed 84-8 in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, but Pelosi declared at the time that she would not consider the bill in the House, preferring a Democratic measure aimed at limiting the president's control over border facilities.


"In order to get resources to the children fastest, we will reluctantly pass the Senate bill," Pelosi said in a letter to fellow House Democrats. "As we pass the Senate bill, we will do so with a Battle Cry as to how we go forward to protect children in a way that truly honors their dignity and worth."


Republicans in the Senate had actually brought the House funding measure to a test vote earlier this week. It failed, 37-55, with three Democrats voting against the measure and with seven Democratic presidential candidates absent from the vote.

The crisis at the border has become harder and harder to deny. Customs and Border Protection reported a 623 percent increase in apprehensions from May 2017. Illegal immigrant arrivals are set to hit one million by the end of the year.


Earlier this month, Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) accused President Trump of "manufacturing a crisis." Senators Kamala Harris(D-Calif.), Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) — each of them a presidential candidate — downplayed or denied the crisis. The Democratic National Committee tweeted, "There. Is. No. Crisis. At. The. Border."




Liberal media outlets seemed to parrot this narrative. The New York Times tweeted that claims of a crisis were "false." "I don't see anything resembling a national emergency situation," CNN's Jim Acosta tweeted. The editorial board of The Washington Post piled on, calling Trump's claim about the crisis "untethered from truth and reality."


Democrats insisted that there was no crisis in order to counter Trump's emergency declaration to appropriate funding for the border wall. Yet this argument has become less tenable as time goes on.


Yet in one fell swoop, they changed their tune. Liberal media outlets seized on the tragic image of a man drowned with his daughter while trying to reach the border. According to CNN, this image "underscores the crisis at the US-Mexico border." The New York Times reported that the "immigration system may have reached a breaking point."


Warren called it a "humanitarian crisis," while Sanders described the crisis at the southern border as "serious."


Pelosi described the situation as a "crisis" and condemned the resulting "child abuse."


Moderate Democrats had supported the clean border funding bill, even as Pelosi declared she would not budge on Wednesday.


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Prior to the vote, blue-on-blue verbal warfare on Twitter and the House floor. Seriously, how else to describe one Dem suggesting fellow Dems are part of the  "child abuse caucus"? 




Democrats broke into open warfare Thursday over Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s surrender to the Senate’s emergency border aid package, with the caucus’ long-simmering divide between progressives and centrists playing out in dramatic fashion on the House floor. 


Some lawmakers even resorted to public name-calling, with progressive leader Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) accusing moderate Democrats of favoring child abuse — an exchange on Twitter that prompted two freshmen centrists to confront him directly on the floor, with other lawmakers looking on in shock.


Just before the vote, Pocan, the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, inflamed tensions further when he called the Problem Solvers Caucus — a bipartisan group of moderates that pushed Pelosi to take up the Senate bill — the Child Abuse Caucus.


The stinging attack was a reference to the Senate bill’s lack of additional language to protect migrant children that House progressives had fought aggressively for. 

“Since when did the Problem Solvers Caucus become the Child Abuse Caucus?” Pocan wrote on Twitter.


Reps. Max Rose (D-N.Y.), and Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), both members of the Problem Solvers Caucus, confronted Pocan on the House floor over his tweet. According to sources familiar with the conversation, Rose used expletives, and Pocan said he did not apologize.


“I said, how come you can’t stay 24 hours to do your job?” Pocan said of his retort to Rose on the floor. “He said, ‘My mother thinks I’m a child abuser.’ I said, ‘I’ll tell your mother you’re not a child abuser.’” 


Rose, whom his party considers to be vulnerable in 2020, vented his frustration Thursday shortly after the exchange, calling Pocan’s tweet “crazy, crazy language.”


“Mark’s tweet just speaks to why everyone hates this place. He’s just trying to get retweets. That’s all he cares about,” Rose told POLITICO.


Their spat continued on Twitter, with Pocan responding: “Maybe the REAL problem is someone who thinks this is about retweets and not about bad contractors, awful conditions and kids.”


More than 90 Democrats voted against the Senate bill, including members of leadership like Reps. Hakeem Jeffries of New York, Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico and David Cicilline of Rhode Island — a sign of the deep discontent simmering within the caucus. In a shocking move, Pelosi’s entire team of negotiators on the border aid bill, including House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey of New York and Reps. Lucille Roybal-Allard of California and Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut also voted no. 


Progressives, including Pocan, said they felt stung by the stunning course-reversal by Pelosi, where she swiftly bowed to pressure from moderates who had threatened to tank the House version of the bill — which contained hard-fought wins for the liberal Democrats. And Pocan warned that it could fire up the 90-member Congressional Progressive Caucus to take more hard-line stances on key bills in the coming months.


“I just think it's hard to ask our caucus to help deliver votes to pass things,” Pocan said. “It’s just going to be a lot harder for us to care to help deliver votes.”

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It's really funny to fully functioning adults who can remember last week and before but liberals are like cats with lasers.  They move from programmed talking point to the next without a thought

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7 mins ago, Jay Blair said:

These folks are nuts.


It has become a circular firing squad.

I am not sure it is circular, more like two skirmish lines running parallel opposite one another. More moderate (relative) candidates on one side facing off opposite the more radical candidates. That’s the first battle which in playing out before us. 

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1 hour ago, tomkaz said:

I am not sure it is circular, more like two skirmish lines running parallel opposite one another. More moderate (relative) candidates on one side facing off opposite the more radical candidates. That’s the first battle which in playing out before us. 


And it will be the end of the party if it continues.

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Nice that we are sending $4.5BB of OUR tax money down to the border, to pay to care for the people who have crossed ILLEGALLY into the Country.


That same $4.5BB would pay for a lot of wall that would prevent them from crossing into the Country while they awaiting asylum hearing in their country of origin.

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