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Hey guys, sorry about not posting updates regularly on how Jim’s surgery went but I was a little more preoccupied this time around. So here's how everything went down. 


We arrived at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania at 6:15 am on Monday morning. Jim was taken back to the Operating Room at 8:50 and the procedure began at 9:28. The procedure was done at 11:22 and he was in recovery for nearly 2 hours before I was able to see him. The surgeon told me that He didn't need to remove the hardware but cleaned up all areas between L2/L3 & L4/L5 to give the spinal cord and nerves more room and harvested a bit of bone from his hip for the L2/L3 fusion. We got to his room and. He had a great appetite. He was up and out of bed before dinner and reporting that the only pain he was feeling was surgical. We were discharged on Tuesday afternoon and have been home since. He's moving pretty well but taking things slowly and still only complaining of surgical pain and soreness, so I'm hoping this did the trick. He'd love to hear positive messages from anyone that cares to lift his spirits, but I could really do without the wise-ass degradation so if it's not positive, don't post it here. Thanks. 

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I’m glad to hear that thru the miracle of medicine that Jimbo will finally have a spine. 


Sweetness - Why no T&P thread before he went in? 

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22 mins ago, Terry Mac said:

that's great news, Bernie is going to be ecstatic when he sees this!!!!!!!!!  

She said no wise ass degrading. :dismay:


Heres to a a speedy recovery!

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