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a perfect example why mental evaluation should be a requirement before procreating




The parents of a 10-week-old baby whose autopsy revealed she'd suffered 96 fractures have been charged with her death.

The father, Jason Robin of Houston, was charged with the murder of his infant daughter, Jazmine. The baby's autopsy revealed she also suffered multiple broken ribs and a skull fracture, according to Harris County, Texas, court records.
Her mother, Katharine White, was charged with injury by omission for failing to protect her.
Court documents show Jazmine was born prematurely at 29 weeks old but released safely into her parents' care on July 3, 2018. She was readmitted July 14 with what physicians called "clearly inflicted head trauma," and staff tipped off investigators.
Robin told investigators his daughter refused to take a bottle the day she was admitted and went limp for a few minutes. She was not acting like herself for most of the morning so he took her to the hospital in the afternoon.
Robin admitted that hearing his baby cry made his ears ring "all the way to kingdom come" and he would occasionally slam doors when his anger grew unmanageable, according to court records.


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Those people and the woman with the unsecured gun in CA where one twin killed the other. If you have kids in the house you need need to secure your weapons.  Heck my Dad did and that was back in the 60's.


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They screwed up by doing it in Texas. Should've moved to MA instead:


A Massachusetts woman has been found not guilty of murder after the remains of three dead infants were discovered in her filthy and vermin-infested home once dubbed the “House of Horrors.”

Judge Janet Kenton-Walker declared Erika Murray, 35, not guilty of murder after ruling that her mental impairments had prevented her from realizing the dire nature of her living conditions, but convicted her of lesser crimes including cruelty to animals and two counts of assault and battery of a child, local station WFXT reports.

Murray was arrested after investigators found the bodies of three dead infants hidden inside closets of her Blackstone, Massachusetts home in 2014. Four living children were also found living in squalor and filth and were removed from the home by authorities.

Prosecutors had contended that Murray was a neglectful mom—forcing her children to live among trash, dead animals, dirty diapers and other filth—and believed that one of the babies had been born alive and died after Murray failed to seek any medical attention for the child.

However, Kenton-Walker ruled that while the death was “senseless” and “tragic” the prosecution had been unable to prove that Murray had caused the infant’s death.

Erika Murray of Blackstone, Mass. is arraigned on 2 counts of murder and other charges in Worcester Superior Court in Worcester, Mass. Monday Dec.29, 2014. Photo: Worcester Telegram & Gazette/Rick Cinclair/AP

“Regardless of how disturbing the facts surrounding this care are to the community at large and to me as a parent, I cannot take into account those feelings,” she said of her decision, according to The Associated Press.

She also acquitted Murray of charges of reckless endangerment of a child after ruling that Murray’s mental conditions had prevented her from realizing how filthy the family’s living conditions had become.

“Cognitive deficits, personality disorder and victimization…produced extremely primitive coping mechanisms,” she said, according to WFXT. “She was not conscious or aware of how bad everything had become.”

After the decision, Murray’s defense attorney Keith Halpern spoke to the media saying that although Murray’s home was an unhealthy environment for her children, he did not believe her actions met the requirements of a murder charge and said the prosecution had been unable to prove that Murray could have taken any action to have saved the child’s life.

“The facts in this case would not allow any judge to convict her of murder if they followed the law,” he said, according to MassLive.

Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. also released a statement after the verdict, thanking those who had worked tirelessly to bring the case to trial.

“This was a very hard case with a very difficult set of facts as it always is when dealing with children who are victims,” he said. “It has emotionally affected many people throughout Worchester County.”

Murray gained the attention of investigators in 2014 after her 10-year-old son had asked for the neighbor’s help with a young infant in the home who was crying. When the neighbor arrived, she found the baby on a bed crying and no adults present. The baby was covered in feces and she called child welfare authorities after being concerned about the condition of the home.

All four children, including the 10-year-old boy, a 13-year-old girl, 3-year-old girl and 6-month old girl, were later removed from the home.

The bodies of the three dead infants were found stored inside cardboard boxes in closets of the home. Two were dressed in diapers and clothing while the third still had a placenta attached, according to the Associated Press.

Blackstone Police Chief Gregory Gilmore thanked those who worked on the “disturbing and difficult” case, saying it had been most difficult for the children involved.

“We also hope that with the end of this case, our community, which was shocked to our very core, can find closure,” he said in a statement.

Murray will be sentenced for the two counts of animal cruelty and two counts of assault and battery of a child in the case in July.

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10 week old premature baby dead with 96 fractures.


Jazmine Robin spent weeks in the hospital after she was born prematurely, but she left as a healthy baby. Eleven days later, she was back — her cracked skull among 96 bone fractures, Houston authorities say.

Now, her parents are accused in her death.

When Jason Paul Robin and Katharine Wyndham White brought their baby to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, staff immediately identified Jazmine’s injuries as “clearly inflicted head trauma.” It was the hospital staff who called the police, according to a statement from the Harris County District Attorney’s office.

The parents told investigators Jazmine was behaving strangely and refused a bottle, and Robin described performing CPR on his daughter about a week before her death, according to court documents. A friend who said he witnessed Robin administer CPR told investigators he suggested calling an ambulance. The friend insisted for several days that Jazmine needed medical attention. But Robin declined to get Jazmine help, the family friend told police.

Robin and White also declined to take their daughter to the hospital after a pediatrician advised it during a checkup days before her death, the district attorney said. The pediatrician said Robin explained bruising on the baby as the result of CPR and choking on a bottle.

In an interview with investigators the day after Jazmine arrived at the hospital, Robin said that early on the morning of July 14, 2018, Jazmine showed odd behavior again, trying to push her bottle out with her tongue and going limp after feeding for nine minutes. He said Jazmine recovered after he breathed into her mouth and pumped her chest, court documents say.

But when he woke up later that morning, he claimed Jazmine was acting strangely, according to court documents. He said he asked White to come home early and eventually took the baby to the hospital.

A man who lived in Robin and White’s residence told police that he saw blood on Jazmine’s rocker when he moved it at White’s request. White, he said, had told him that she would be sad if the rocker was still there when she came back from the hospital.

“He was told that this blood came from the baby’s tongue, and he thought it was too much blood to come from the baby’s tongue,” court documents state.

According to court documents, Robin “admitted getting really mad” at his child at times, saying Jazmine’s crying made his ears ring “all the way to kingdom come” in a way that “got to (his) anger points.” But he said his daughter was “too beautiful to hit.”

Jazmine was 10 weeks old when she died of her head injuries, according to the autopsy, one day after arriving at the hospital in July 2018.

The Harris County District Attorney’s office charged Jazmine’s father, Robin, 24, with murder. The baby’s mother, White, 21, is charged with injury to a child by omission. Both could receive life in prison if convicted.

“The evidence shows that Baby Jazmine fell victim to the very people who were supposed to protect her the most in this world,” District Attorney Kim Ogg said in a statement. “After a full and thorough investigation of the facts, we have filed charges, and will seek justice for young Jazmine.”

Prosecutors, who received the final autopsy report in May, allege Robin killed his daughter by striking her — including with a blunt object — and shaking her, according to court documents. In addition to her skull fracture, Jazmine suffered broken ribs and injuries on her arms and legs, the autopsy found.

The baby’s great-grandmother, Virginia White, told local news station Fox 26 that the situation is “heartbreaking.”

“Whatever she had to endure sounds just horrific,” she said. “It’s really hard to wrap your head around it.” But she defended the mother, saying Katharine White was not at home when Jazmine was injured.

“Somebody needs to be held liable for this precious baby’s death,” Virginia White said, “but I don’t think she has anything to do with it at all.”

Prosecutors disagree, saying White is culpable.

Robin was arrested Monday night and White was arrested Tuesday morning, police said.

It is not clear whether White or Robin obtained legal representation. Neither could be immediately reached for comment.


I don't know if I'm allowed to post links, but here it is.

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Sorry I posted what was already posted. I thought this post was about the baby found in Georgia in a plastic bag. Thank God someone heard that baby crying and it was found alive.


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3 mins ago, Schnapps 812 said:

Sorry I posted what was already posted. I thought this post was about the baby found in Georgia in a plastic bag. Thank God someone heard that baby crying and it was found alive.



I saw that story this morning briefly but didn't know where that had happened. 

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