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FS: Echo Ion XL 10' 6/7 wt-Unfished!


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I have a new in tube and sock ECHO ION XL rod that I bought on a whim a few years back and have never gotten around to do more than lawn casting it.  ( I have several other rods in his size/lineweight that I fish so this one is redundant.)  This model is the 6100 and is a 10' 6 wt by marking. Truth be told, it seems to cast better with a 7 wt line. ( I had no trouble getting 85' lawn casts out of this rod with an old wf7f 444 sl. A better caster could do better I'm sure) The rod is fast action and light in hand. Good power in the butt section!  It would make an excellent schoolie  /shad rod . These retail for $160, I'll let this one go for $85 + $15 S/H . Or you can pick up in SE MA.

I'll try to get some pictures up shortly but it's new intube (Tube even still has plastic sleave on it!)

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8 hours ago, jkorgood said:

Would this work well for schoolie stripers and cocktail blues? Or is it too light?

I have the 9' 6wt Ion XL and it is perfect for light saltwater.  Like the OP said, casts more like a 7wt

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