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Let 'em Spawn

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I am seeing that this bill was passed and will become law. As I understand that means all fish that can be harvested will now have size and creel limits??


Not good for surf fishing and it has got to hurt the piers right? Drum fishing is going to be a bait finding game this fall. 


Talk about a good way to get recs and comms at each other's throats even more.

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"let Them Spawn" house bill 483, did make it through the house. It's now sitting in committee, but probably won't gain enough votes to make it to the floor in the senate. And even if it passes, it is not going to have as dire effect as most of these people want you to believe. There will still be plenty of bait for the drum fisherman. You will still be able to keep a limit of spot, croakers, ect.   

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