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Anyone heading off this weekend?

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well if you call the bottom  of the 60ft slough deep...………….got a good report yesterday of decent flounder In a certain area. good size weakies in an area and 2-3 lb blues can be chummed up for fun  .   so beings the reefs are not producing , sea bass closed and I am tired of not wetting a line, the bay it is.   be safe out there and catch em up

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Can’t wait any longer. 

Sundays the best window in a while(weekend) were going.


gonna be crowded. Tournament happening. We’ll be there before they leave the slip :D 

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Went to the Wilmington. Had to pick through the rats but came away with a nice catch.

went 4 for 7 and a bunch of rats

great day on the water




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Started at the Wilmington, the whole world was headed to the Cartaret or Lindy, looking for a BE, arrived at 6pm Wednesday eve. Nice water, temp 77.

30min in 2 lines go off, but not what we where looking for. 2 rat YF safely released to grown up.

Trolled around and found the whales and porpoises where they always are. Nothing! Little bit of bait but not much. 11pm, Executive decision time. So we ran to the Spencer. It was the right decision!

 Set up on the chunk, within 20 min, 80 ft line goes off!:th: We’re pumped, until we see what we hooked. 200+ pound swordfish jumping all over the place. Which is awesome. However, we were using 40lb floro leader, so the reality of the situation set in quickly! 5 minutes later he was gone. His bill eviscerated the leader. Still cool to see. The ****er came back 20 minutes later to peek around but didn’t eat. 

Had huge bait(squid) under the boat until the dolphin showed up and scared them away.

3am a little mako swam around to eat our chunks. Stayed with us until we stopped chunking at 4:30. 

Couldn’t believe no tuna under all that squid!!

Up on the troll at 5 am get 2 knock downs within 20 min. Land both 30lb YF. 7am, 3 knock downs, nicer fish, land all. 2 40lb and 1 60lb YF. 

Nothing until 10, when we were reeling in lines to come home. Got a 15lb mahi on a spreader bar, no less!


All fish caught on junk. Not one on meat. 










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