Fox or Bilstein shocks?

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1 hour ago, BrianBM said:

No, I don't need the Fox units and have no intent of changing them, just curious.


The 2020 4runner (not the Pro, the Trail or whatever the one below the Pro is) uses a suspension called X-REAS (I don't know what the acronym means.) I have noted Internet discussions of the costs and complexities of undoing the X-REAS in order to do an aftermarket installation of Fox shocks.  No sirree, not for me.


So many people here will be heartbroken when I finally buy.  No more questions to address .... so sad.  ;)

I think that only the limited comes with x-reas. The shocks are all connected together with hydraulic lines and fluid is transferred when cornering. The whole system can be removed and replaced with standard shocks when the system fails. 

The off-road models are available with standard shocks (I think Bilstein) or the KDSS upgrade. You’ll be fine with just the standard shocks. Just go buy something already. 

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When they finally ship the damn thing, I will.  Sunrise Toyota doesn't anticipate seeing one until October, late, and I got the impression that they wouldn't be surprised if it's later.  


The KDSS functions to improve handling on the road. I have a suspicion that the attaching and detaching of the KDSS arms may add a little complexity to the system, so I think I'll pass.  If i wanted a nimble sports car, I'd buy a nimble sports car. 

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