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Hey guys. Got me a great spot I’ve finally got dialed in after a few years of fishing every condition.

It can be super productive on calm nights and during the day when there’s bad weather causing the waves to become commanding.


It is a VERY rocky area with lots of big structure below the water (see attached photo)

I prefer a more moderate action rod for the types of lures I throw here, but I’m wondering if I should also get a faster rod with more backbone for the rough stuff when pulling fish away from structure becomes more difficult.... or is moderate better in big water to allow more give when fish are using huge waves and current to their advantage??


currently using a Lami 1201L cut to 9’2 for both conditions. Haven’t had any mishaps yet but it can feel undergunned in the big stuff. But going more than a 10’ rod would be hard given that I don’t have much room behind me for casting.


Here’s a pretty typical day, some turbulence but nothing a 1201L can’t handle




This is the same spot but during the rougher stuff where the 1201L starts making me nervous

picture doesn’t do it justice, these are about 5-6 foot seas

waves crash over a huge reef here and that’s where almost all my hits come, just inside that cresting wave


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How about an 11’ rated 2-6 or 3-8?


I don’t own one but how about a GSB 1201M?  You already have a GSB so there’s familiarization there. 


If its really tight, how about another 

1201L with 2” off the tip and 4” off the butt?  Puts you on a 9.5’ rod you know with a little more omph. 


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