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Three Way Rigs from Breachways

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I know that three way rigs post a problem when it comes to casting, but was thinking that using one during outgoing tide at a breachway might make a good presentation for a swim shad, sluggo, bucktail, or eel similar to how it works on a boat during a drift. Has anybody tried this?

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Shane- give it a shot.  Go light with the sinker.  I know some casters that routinely bounce lead heads on the bottom in the B-ways.  You’ll occasionally loose some but the payoff can be good.  Experiment and find the perfect weight for your three way rig.  I’d keep the leader to whatever you’re using fairly short.  Good luck.

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38 mins ago, big popper said:

how about attaching the weight with a rubber band. 

Why not just do what the boat guys do and attach the sinker with five pound test?

====Mako Mike====
Makomania Sportfishing
Pt. Judith, RI
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