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Leader Knots with super lines (PP V2 is slippery)--had a break off on a hard cast

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Rob greenpond

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Hello all,


So I'm the proud owner of a new ODM DNA 10' 3/4-4 and put a Shimano Ultegra Ci4 5500 (long cast, light weight carbon reel) and using Power Pro 30lb Super Slick V2.  Super nice set up and used it first time this past weekend.


I had a slight malfunction in that I used an FG knot to attach my leader--which is 40lb Big Game green mono, approx. 12' long attached using a 22 turn--FG knot (locked down tight).  I like to make the length of my leader long enough to wrap the spool a few times when casting, because the mono is easier on my finger than braid--especially with heavier lures and hard casts.  Anyways, on my 10th cast, the FG knot wrapped the first guide for a MICRO second on a hard cast--BUT long enough for me to hear that cracking noise of my line snapping--sending my new stick shadd sailing away.  I was very surprised and thought it was a fluke....about 10 casts later it happened again!!  This time with a lighter lure and the line frayed badly, but hung for dear life and was able to reel lure back in. 


After that--as an experiment--I tied an sp minnow on directly to the braid (no leader) and no more problems....casted just fine. 


Not sure if it's the long cast reel?  I know Shimano wraps the first guide on the Tiralejo rods (matched to long cast reel) pretty far up the blank from the reel for a reason. 


My ideas:  1. Shorten the leader to about 6' so the leader knot (FG knot) is mid way up rod on casting, i.e., already past the first guide?

                  2. Shorten leader to about 3' and attach using a small 130lb Spro Barrel swivel and try not to reel the swivel into the rod tip?

                  3.  Lighten leader to 30lb mono instead of 40lb? 


I'd greatly appreciate any opinions on a solution to this one--gives me huge "anxiety" when casting hard to find lures. 

Thanks in advance,


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I use a uni to uni to join the braid to the leader and keep the leader short enough to not go through the guide. Swivel is a second option but tough at night to see and I don't want to reel it into the guide. If you accidentally reel the knot through the guide, you should feel it happen and it really shouldn't damage the guide like the swivel might. 

You know it must be a penguin bound down if you hear that terrible screaming and there ain't no other birds around. 

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I would say to either forego the leader, or shorten the leader to 3'. You don't have to use a swivel to splice the line; you can use an FG knot or Alberto knot and it will work just fine.


The reel shouldn't be the issue; I have the original generation Ultegra XSB and it's been on a St Croix Triumph 10' and now a 10'6 Tsunami Airwave elite, and I've never had that problem. Although Shimano does put that first guide quite a bit up the blank as you noted, I haven't seen issues over the past 4-5 years with the reel. The Triumph has "old school" guides, not new K-frames or "tangle free" style guides.


Given your SP test, it has to be the knot/leader combo that caused issues. That setup should cast a mile without issues.


Good luck!

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6 mins ago, Rob greenpond said:

Thanks for the input so far and sanity check.  I agree with you guys in that the shorter leader is the solution (3-4') and maybe just add a little blue painters tape to my casting trigger finger to handle the braid contact. 


I've gotten past the use of tape when plugging, unless I'm up at the canal or if I'm chucking bait (heavy lures, heavy sinkers). I work in an office so my hands aren't like that of a contractors or someone who works outside. My best advice for not slicing up your fingers with braid is to just take it easy on the cast. That lure is going to fly by just simply taking it easy on the cast, not whipping it out there like we all used to with monofilament. You'll build a tolerance up to the line in no time.


If that doesn't work, try hockey tape. It holds up well in water and doesn't tear for anything. Plus a roll will last forever and is like $5.

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Hey TopwaterPete,


Thanks for the hockey tape idea.  Funny, I work in an office as well and have for a looong time.  However, back in the day I used to be an electrical contractor and you could basically dull a knife blade on my hands back then....not so much any more.  I'll just cast easier for now.  The canal is a different animal though and lures are way heavier too.

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Any reason for using a leader that long in the first place? I very rarely go over 3’, fishing rocks I may go up to 6’. My hands are so beat up I don’t even bother anymore, but I’d also recommend hockey tape over any other tape. Only thing that really holds up.

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