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Me and the wife took the plunge and we are now owners of a home ... honestly 10 years ago I thought it was unobtainable here in gitland but we grinded our asses off and lived like poor people while raising a lil man and now we finally made it happen even though we pretty dam broke again ..   couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to get in there , school can’t end fast enough ..  but man what a whirlwind clusterfuk of a process but in the end things just seemed to work themselves out nicely ..


peep it... little cape , it’s only 3 of us so it’s perfect .. didn’t want to much house .. was more looking to put money into nicely done smaller home rather then a monster we could never afford to fix up right 




















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Thanks yea it was further into the bush then I wanted to go but when I walked in I couldn’t find anything bad to say about it ..  gas , solar , hot on demand , central air , new windows and insulation. House tight as reds ass in the early days .. dude set it up to run as efficiently as possible which is huge these days with insane cost for utilities.. 


cant wait to get it there and start going over the place making it even nicer 

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2 mins ago, Jdeadman66 said:

I bet your son likes it.

He’s on the fence .. tough to leave all your buddy’s .. its about 25-30 min from where we at now .. new school , new kids , new house .. of course he will adapt quick as kids do , and shy is one thing he is not ... I give it 30 min and he got a new “best” friend  plus looks like few kids live in house next door so...  when I was his age my parents just split and we moved a few times over 3 years before we settled so I feel for him .. doing my best to keep it all positive for him 

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Congrats! Looks like a nice home for you and your family. And now the long grind begins. It’s all worth it in the in. Good job and good luck as new home owners .

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Doesn't look like there's too much fixin to do; looks pretty well set up and turnkey!  Nice.


Now, don't fret....close your eyes tonight, don't stare at the ceiling saying to yourself 'wtf did I just do?'    Its all good!

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