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Beads on rigs, do you use them?

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Do you use beads on your fishing rigs  

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  1. 1. Do you use beads on your fishing rigs

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With fluke season here, I started thinking about rigs,  I have been tying rigs for some time now and rarely add a bead.  Usually it is to keep the metal swivel from hitting a slide rig.


I know beads used to be made of hard plastic and even glass to create a clacking sound under water to get attention.  Now beads seem to be soft.


My question is do you use beads and if so, why?  If you don't, why not?

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Use them to protect knots on certain rigs. 


Orange or red bead can increase success on pompano and whiting at certain times. 


Also have noticed increase in catch rate on Weakfish with glow beads after dark.

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My fluke rigs always have them because I want the tip of the hook to sit slighly below the body of the rubber squid body. reduce the chance of the tip getting burried inthe doy of the squid.


Thats just me. 

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Yes I like to use beads on some of my rigs. I buy craft store beads. They are not made specifically for fishing but they work just fine for my needs.  They're made of hard plastic, come in bags filled with more beads than you'll probably  ever need and they only cost a few bucks. 

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Some days certain colors seem to work. Other days that same color doesn’t. The clarity, color, and amount of light penetrating the water all play a role in this, although I don’t understand it. Bright yellow beads when the water is murky seems to make sense. I also use floating beads, and heavy beads that sink. I also use beads to create the appearance that the bait is a creature. Beads can be very handy, but my no bead rigs do well, so maybe it’s all just my imagination, once again, running away with me.


I have a pretty good collection and one day decided to conduct an experiment. I  took some bright red beads with me swimming. I was in Ginnie Springs, and using my snorkel to hover in place over the large and deep hole there, dropped one. I was easily able to watch it as it sank to the bottom. Finally it reached the bottom, about 40 feet I imagine, and I could still see it shining away, bright red, in the crystal clear waters. That was when I realized red doesn’t just disappear after it reaches a certain depth. Nope. If red disappears it will only be because the water clarity or amount of light inhibit it.  I have also done experiments with mono and flouro and have no issues buying mono leader material. ;)


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Yes, I didn`t trust them anyway, when they say what colors do what, especially to fish - animals.

Like I don`t believe them when they proclaim some species color blind and similar.

Instead, I watch the color patterns of those species and enviroment they are in, and make conclusions.

I believe your observation on the yellow in murky watters.


Scientists talk rubbish more than we are aware of, like, some time ago, I watch some episode about animals, when I read that zebra with its black and white colors has some air movement - cooling, because of those, temp. difference because black absorbs and white reflects, sun, on micro level..

OMG sweet lord, I was stunned, with how do they dare, to talk like that to the children and stupid adults.


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