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15 hours ago, Mike Oliver said:

A chartitable Aussie. Now there’s a thought.




PS Al stopped by in the rain yesterday but to say hallo.

I stepped out for a bit. Did someone post something in my name?




Say hi back.


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I practice when I’m waiting for my wife to get ready to go out for dinner. 


Which means I got all the time in the world to practice 


We live next to a grass field.


i usually just take a 9 wt and practice landing on an imaginary target about 50 feet away. consistency is most important because if I can consistently come close I must be doing something right 


then i back up 10 feet, then another 10 feet etc.


i get lots of car horn beeps and smart ass comments from neighbors driving by





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On 6/11/2019 at 3:39 PM, Mike Oliver said:

Practice can be of very limited value especially if a new guy or Gal unless you do it with an Instructor.


It is useful if you already have a good cast.


Best  place is on water preferably the ocean.



Definitely! It would have taken me a while to get it down right if my father didn't help me when I first started

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I don’t really practice away from water. The one thing that I used to do and have not been doing this week is to get in the habit of putting a fish on the reel even if it is small enough to hand line in. I caught so many small fish over the past few days I just remember it was something I used to do and got away from it. 

I did get a few that put me on the reel so I did get to practice that too :)


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