Earliest confirmed Bonito - MVY

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You guys have beaten me into submission. More and more reports coming in, but I’m still after bass. When the bones show up in numbers I’ll be ready. 

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5 hours ago, BrianBM said:

I wouldn't call the catches of bonito a fluke unless the angler was just floundering around. 

Have you guys ever pondered the similarities and differences between the words flounder and founder?  I found this:


Flounder and founder are happy little nouns that don't get mixed up. But it all falls apart when they're verbs — if you're floundering, you're struggling. If you're foundering, you're failing completely. You're sunk! You can't even hold onto the letter l.


In a sense when you hook a fluke it flounders but play it too long and it will founder.


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Finally got out and targeted them on July 3rd.  We boated a few between my buddy and I.  Most were in the 6lb class where one was a solid 8 and another was mackerel sized.  Only one small one amongst all we caught.  Pretty early.  Hope they show close to shore like they used to 20 years ago 

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