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Hook: Eagle Claw 254 4/0

Thread: Black Danville Flat Waxed Nylon

Platform: 30 Hairs Brilliant Blue Bucktail, dubbed Blue Pillow, Fluorescent Blue Neck Hackle

Tail:  Three Mint Green Saddle Hackles tied in flat (the 1st feather should be webby and about as wide as the Blue neck hackle) , veiled by 4 Turquoise flatwing saddles, then 1 Peacock Krystal Flash strand on each side, doubled and tied in beside the "side" Turquoise saddles.I then create a "short veil" with a Striped Lady Amherst Cape feather on each side, with a 5.0 Golden Stick on Eye attached.  Next is a Highlander Green Flatwing saddle tied in flat. Final step is a full plume of Grey Maribou tied in flat as a top veil.

Body: Brillian Blue Braid wrapped in 3 layers to give the body diameter, and tied in approx. 1/4 inch from the eye.

Head: First a 1 hair thick layer of yellow bucktail spread 3/4 around the hook and extending to the end of the Grey Marabou (thus leaving the blue body braid showing underneath the fly).  This is followed by the same thickness/spread/length of dark blue (not S.D blue) bucktail and topped with the same thickness/spread/length of orange bucktail.

Collar: "Headless Horseman" style - first a large Pink Marabou feather tied in near the tip, wetted and folded double, and wound three turns before tying in.  Second, a Brown Marabou Feather installed the same way.


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Well, I live in NJ, and, due to my disabilities (courtesy of a Drunk Driver in 1988), I will never own a boat, nor can I drive even long enough to fish the Hudson at high tide, much less wade the mud flats at night, or drive to the CC Canal and fish on the rocks - so I likely will never see a cow again in my lifetime.  On a plus side, this fish (26 inches) liked one of my chartreuse over white Flatwings (shown suspending in my bathroom sink and dry on the table), and I do have a video of my prior Banana Squids swimming in the Point Pleasant Canal in the following thread:






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