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whats wrong with the phillies arms ?

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injury after injury to the pitchers.  five relievers are now on the shelf ?   

who is to blame ? trainers ? pitching coach ?   


I said early on they will have to win 8-7 every game, but I didn't realize that bats would fail them so much.

still in 1st place, but I thought they would be much better.

Fish come and go, but memories of fishing with family last forever.

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Kapler annoys me, but I cant say he's made that

many bad movesthis season. No more or less than

other mgrs across the league. Guess this is just what

this team is gonna be. Sometimes can pitch,sometimes

cant. Sometimes hit,others not. Bad news about McCutchen.

This Arietta is a real dik. Hopefully they are in a groove at the

end of the season and we get some Oct ball. Just tryin to enjoy

the wins and enjoy the Mets suckiness.

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