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Trolling for striped bass question

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Ok flame suit on BUT.. I want to know what is that method of trolling is when you hold the rod with the rod tip pointed down, nearly in the water and constantly swinging towards the boat? 


Looked like smallish presentations but I didn't get a close up of the lure because I was sitting there, nose in the air, watching in distain, and boiling with jealousy as the guy trolling was catching fish after fish and not a tap on anything in my arsenal. 


Charters in Montauk are always swinging away and seem very successful from what I can see.



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That sounds like trolling with bucktails

One of the original ways to troll for striped bass. point the rod towards water and it almost looked like the angler was "rowing" with the rod 

Back and forth motion made the bucktail flutter up and downwhile trolling

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