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I’m Back.

Please keep your yawns at a minimum as it was a tough winter for me and I’ve finally developed enough gumption to drag my sorry posterior up and away from the endless less disappointment that continually seems crawl out of our so-called medical care system.


I spent most of the winter battling chronic pain issues in my legs and feet. Lots of money was spent on lots of testing which only provided me results that left me feeling no better than I did prior to the first rounds of testing. And, if that wasn’t enough.....


When the first signs of spring started to show up, I managed to trip over my own two feet, while navigating over a Portland side walk. It caused me to make a spectacular nose dive onto the side walk’s concrete surface. The good news is that I managed to get my arms out in front of me fast enough to keep my skull from cracking open. The bad news is aside from a lot of bruising on the front side of my body, I really messed up my rod casting arm rather with, a sprained wrist, multiple muscle and ligament injuries, and a fractured elbow.


However, despite the disparaging medical care system comments I made above, I do have to give the Orthopedic and Physical Therapy specialists who worked on my arm a strong five-star rating. They have done wonders towards helping me to quickly bring fishing functionality back into my arm. I hope to get back on the water sometime early next week.


I apologize that this year’s opening of the North of Portland thread didn’t have more fish talk in it. However, I was in a hurry to get back on the SOL forum before drmevo absconded with all my written tube and worm material and used it to start his own South of Portsmouth thread.


Just kidding 

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Get well soon Crozzbow, here’s to a speedy recovery and a better fishing season to come. 


On a a side note I spent a good half hour talking to who I thought was you last week in Cabelas, right down to your kayak and everything


Walk outside/continue talking and as it turns out it, was Porky Pig all along 



Ahhh badeee, ahh badeee, ahh badeee that’s all folks

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12 hours ago, bdowning said:

Physical therapists are the best. Keep at it and you'll be OTW in no time.

I'm married to one and know their mantra all to well: "No pain, no gain"!!  However it is true, I've watched "The Admiral" go through two knee replacements in the last 5 years and just bust her butt with her rehab and guess what?  Besides the surgical scars, you wouldn't know her knees weren't the originals.


Feel better Steve and we need to fish together again this year!!  I'm still having casting practice, but any day now, I HOPE!!

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OK, here IS a North of Portland 2019 report.  Finally put a couple of schoolies on the deck today after dropping a bunch!!



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Posted (edited) · Report post

13 fish to 23" today, and I'm back in mid-season form discerning when a fish is following the popper by virtually invisible, subtle changes in the plug's wake.  Then I was able to alter my retrieve to get the sucker to hit the plug on multiple occasions...


Wasn't sure if the day was going to be worth it.  As I prepared to cast off two cormorants carpet bombed me and the boat.  Turns out the Cormorant Crap on you is good luck!!  Thank Poseidon I had my fishing hat on...


Last report, I'm going off the grid for the rest of the season in terms of fishing reports.  Everybody out there, get out and fish!!



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Heal well Cozzbow 


you’ll be back in action before you know it





fish size has just started to bump up a bit on my outings, best to 27 this week 


there are rumblings of bigger fish nearby


Hitting the water tonight to explore beyond my usual spring fishing zone


we’ll see 



feel better soon



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It’s official.

As of 4:00 am this morning I’m back to chasing striped bass again. Although the wounds that I described earlier on this post, haven’t cured enough for me to fish out of the kayaks yet, I’ve convinced my  Activity Coordinator(wife) those wounds have cured enough for me to fish for striped bass off the beach using one of my 8wt or 9wt fly rod setups.

As soon as I got the thumbs up from the Activity Coordinator, I started digging out my designated fly-fishing gear for striped bass, checking tide tables, and calculating what time I wanted to be on the beach in morning.  I settled on being on the beach in time to fish the last hour of the morning’s dropping tide and an hour or two of the morning’s incoming tide then set the alarm clock for 4:00 am.

My response to that alarm the next morning wasn’t all that great and it took me longer than I expected to get on the road and headed for the beach. When I arrived at the beach there was a thick fog on the water with seals crying loudly for their breakfast in the background. As soon as I walked down to the water’s edge, I started chucking one of my better olive and white clouser minnows into the nearest line of current the retrieved the lure back along close to the sandy bottom.

It wasn’t too long before I got a heavy strike on the lure that darn near ripped the flyrod from my hand. At first, I thought I hooked into a seal but, as soon as the fish broached the water’s surface, I knew I was playing with a big striped bass. As it turned out length of the fish fell short of thirty inches but, its large shoulders helped it to put up a good fight that lasted somewhere near five minutes.

From there I picked up four more striped bass measuring in the mid-twenties and lost one when it spit the hook out just as I was about to land it.

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He’s Baaaack....


good on ya! Crozzbow


We we hit a massive influx of mixed low to upper twenties fish today around 0630.   Caught many, Many fish


fingers are raw


its getting good 



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